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Communities sent to be authentic expressions of God’s life.

We want to be shaped for others to join, formed in the likeness of Jesus and participating in His Mission.

Wes and Heidi give us a glimpse into their life in the Missional Community in Bendigo

What we do

Cornerstone is currently undergoing some big changes. Explore below to learn a little more about what we’re upto these days.


Teaching others to be authentic followers of Jesus…


Building vibrant communities in New South Wales and Victoria…


Equipping leaders to influence and disciple others…

Coming Up

In a world of quick fixes and surface value, come and
immerse yourself in a deeper story. A way of life where
Jesus is King and he invites us to engage meaningfully
with him, each other, and the world around us.

22nd January – 18th April 2021

A 12 week discipleship experience in a missional community

‘Immerse’ is an invitation to live alongside a community of people who have been shaping life together around Jesus’ story for the long haul. Explore the rhythms, practices and world-view that have shaped us for following Jesus in all of life and for living life together in such a way that faith becomes relevant to people.

“All around us is a culture which forms us with its stories, its values and its dreams. Therefore we need models of discipleship, of incarnational living, which enflesh the gospel, which tell of a different set of values, of a Kingdom dream and a redemptive Story. The people of Cornerstone Community do not just talk of the need for such a discipling community but are actually living it.”
— Mark Sayers, Pastor and Author

Community Dinner Canowindra

6th – 7th March 2021

Muster in Bendigo

As the year kicks off we want to spend some time together to celebrate and enrich missional communities. We hope to see you there and hear what the Father is doing in and around your neighbourhood.

More Information coming soon!


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The goal is not to retreat from the realities and challenges of modern life, but to help men and women discover life - as Jesus put it - "in all its fullness"... right in the middle of common things and daily experience.