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Missional Apprenticeships

Our missional community is a network of singles and families who reside, work, worship, create and play in Swan Hill, Vic, our host community. As teachers, farmers, social workers, chaplains, students, mothers, fathers, aunty’s and uncles we are embedded within the local neighbourhood, committed to local schools, businesses, sporting clubs, churches and community groups.

Using Jesus’ incarnational example, our missional practice could be described as submerged ministry; the process of ‘being amongst’ our neighbours, demonstrating to our host community that Jesus is ‘for’ them,‘with’ them, ‘in’ them, and ‘of’ them.

If you have a desire to live fruitfully in obedience to God, the initial one year ‘missional apprenticeship’ is an opportunity to position yourself alongside Cornerstone Community in Swan Hill, Regional Victoria. The year is an opportunity for practical ‘action-reflective learning’ as you purposefully engage your hands, heart & mind as a disciple of Jesus.

A similar program is currently being offered in Bendigo, Vic (called a Missional Community Internship). Orange, NSW may also be offering a something in the future. See below for contact information.


Get in Touch

Bendigo – Lucas Frost
0447 329 013

Orange – Paul Walker
0419 919 241

The goal is not to retreat from the realities and challenges of modern life, but to help men and women discover life - as Jesus put it - "in all its fullness"... right in the middle of common things and daily experience.